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Data Management and Analytics

Improve business performance and drive greater customer
satisfaction with new & definitive data-driven strategies.

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Digital footprints in the new world generate tremendous volumes of data. Yet, the true value and potential of data remain under-leveraged. Data management & analytics experts at Intelliswift bring years of experience in helping clients gain complete visibility and actionable insights through the use of technology, platforms, and toolsets.

The engineers at Intelliswift have extensive experience in platforms like Snowflake, Tableau, Alteryx, QlikView, PowerBI, and Microstrategy.

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Our Services

Data Pipelining

Having a robust and scalable pipeline architecture capable of dealing with all data formats is a critical success factor to leverage AI.


Empower your business users to develop simple models, create interactive and appealing charts, and narrate the business story using self-service BI capabilities.


Leverage the power of AI/ML by using componentized pre-trained models used for regression, classification, tree-based, and NLP models.

Insights & Dashboarding

Intelliswift's comprehensive visualization tool gives you complete independence to design your business story the way you want to.

Our Databricks Capabilities

Intelliswift's Apache Spark and Databricks services spearhead the latest in analytics and AI/ML solutions, transforming how enterprises utilize their data. Apache Spark, a potent open-source distributed computing system, serves as the foundation, delivering rapid data processing and analytics capabilities.

Our Azure Databricks services further this innovation by seamlessly handling extensive data volumes. They enable the creation, training, and deployment of advanced machine learning models, and execute intricate data queries and transformations at scale. This synergy allows our clients to unlock their data's true value and pioneer cutting-edge AI solutions.

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