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Intelliswift Improves Pharma Client’s Data Completeness by 98% with MDM Solution

  • 22 April, 2023

Managing data effectively can be a challenge for pharmaceutical companies, particularly when it comes to maintaining accuracy and consistency across multiple systems. We came across one such company facing challenges with its Master Data Management (MDM) system, including data quality and reliability issues. Intelliswift provided technical administration, maintenance, and operations support to improve the performance of the MDM system. We also offered comprehensive training to ensure widespread adoption of the updated system throughout the organization.

Our solution not only helped the pharmaceutical company to achieve a 98% increase in data completeness, but it also led to over 200 teams, initiatives, and programs using the MDM as their primary source of customer data. It has resulted in improved data quality and consistency and better decision-making throughout the organization. The streamlined data management processes have also saved time and resources while reducing the need for manual data entry and reconciliation.

Discover how our MDM solution led to a 98% increase in data completeness and streamlined data management processes by reading our case study.

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