Robotic Process Automation Solutions by Intelliswift

Explore the new realm of business automation with hyperautomation and Intelliswift's AI-driven digital solutions.

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Robotic Process Automation
Solutions by Intelliswift

Explore the new realm of business automation with
hyperautomation and Intelliswift's AI-driven digital solutions.

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Businesses are on the cusp of ushering in a new era of digital automation. Intelliswift pioneers this change through integrated data intelligence and conversational AI. Our hyperautomation and RPA solutions redefine business dynamics, infusing cognitive capabilities and self-learning for unrivaled efficiency, cost optimization, streamlined operations, and transparency. With advanced ML and AI, we empower businesses with unprecedented automation potential.

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Intelliswift's Robotic Process Automation Services

Intelliswift’s Robotic Process Automation services are powered by more than a decade of experience
delivering multiple workflow automation for enterprises across domains and industries.

No-Code Low-Code

  • Visual Full-stack Development
  • Cross-platform Compatibility
  • Pre-built Integration Connectors
  • Flexible Data Connectors
  • Enterprise-grade Secure Operations
  • Collaborative Work Management (CWM) Platform
  • Insights, Analytics & Dashboards


  • Business Process
  • End-to-End Process Orchestration
  • Decision Automation
  • Information Extraction & Transformation
  • Computer Vision
  • Intent Entity Relationship

Conversational AI

  • Conversational Designer
  • Virtual Agent – Voice/Chatbots/IVR
  • Agent Assist
  • Rich Message Types
  • Intents & Entities
  • Topic Modeling; Integrations
  • Insights, Analytics & Dashboards

BPA Platform Optimization

  • Intelligent Monitor
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Continuous Orchestration Platform
  • Toolchain Orchestration
  • IT Service Desk
  • Access Compliance

Data Intelligence

  • No-code Data Pipeline Solution
  • Data Quality & Security
  • Incremental Data Loads
  • Insights from Decision Modeling
  • Data Unification
  • AI Model Creation

Tools & Accelerators

Our tools and accelerators support coordination between humans, robots, and systems in your business and track your KPIs and operational efficiencies with intelligent reporting and dashboards.

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Our Robotic Process
Automation Solution Framework

Enhance operational efficiency and accuracy with iBPA - our RPA framework,
designed to define the structure of work and direct outcomes.

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  • What are the Digital Objectives?
  • Identify – Business Process Discovery & Catalog
  • Access – Process Maturity Assessment
  • Automation ROI Analysis – Cost vs Benefits?
  • Mature – Mature process where needed
  • Automate – Develop, Deploy and Maintain Automation
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  • How does it fit into the overall IT enterprise architecture?
  • Rapid business application development with low-code development platforms
  • Complete business value chain transformation by leveraging BPM, RPA, and AI
  • Security and control of bots for access privileges and to prevent cyber risks
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  • Which business processes to automate?
  • Backlog, Prioritization, Sprint Planning
  • Daily Standup, Sprint Demo, Sprint Retrospective
  • Security, Compliance, Access Privileges
  • Deployment & Support Handover
  • Process Integration and how well are these linkages known and documented
  • Effective Program Management & Documentation
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  • What is the Change Management Plan?
  • Our 25+ strong iBPA practice brings unmatched expertise in assisting global organizations
  • Growth Acceleration and Consumer Experience Transformation
  • Retooling of employees with new skillsets
  • Keeping ongoing oversight of inputs, outputs, and processes in check
  • Aiding continuous learning for current and new teams through a learning ecosystem

Intelliswift's Robotic Process Automation
and Business Efficiencies

Intelliswift's RPA technology seamlessly merges into existing systems,
delivers a personalized strategy for process and business optimization.

4x faster
40% Cost Savings
60% Faster ROI
70% Productivity
97% Accuracy Consistency

Why Intelliswift?

Intelliswift is strongly committed to enabling automated, evidence-based decision-making and
continuous improvement in business process execution. We deploy a multi-dimensional approach
to successfully transform business for our customers and outperform their peers.

Why Intelliswift

Experienced automation experts
well-versed in multiple RPA tools

Why Intelliswift

360o continuous service
improvement framework

Why Intelliswift

Accelerated value
realization and ROI

Why Intelliswift

Deep industry expertise with
digital transformation-led innovation

Why Intelliswift

Agile, nimble, and zero-touch
engagements using RPA
tool-agnostic process

Why Intelliswift

Powered by next-gen, true
AI-driven process automation
tools and strategies

Why Intelliswift

In-house developed accelerators, frameworks, industry partnerships, and vibrant process automation communities

Why Intelliswift

35+ business process workflow automation
in industries such as Finance,
Information Security, Pharma, etc.

Why Intelliswift

Business analysts and RPA-certified
SMEs in Automation Anywhere,
UiPath, Microsoft Power Platform


Success Stories
Case Study

Healthcare Client Saves $200K in Operational Costs with Intelliswift’s Business Process Automation

Success Stories
Case Study

Intelliswift’s Business Process Automation Solution Helps USA’s Largest Home Networking Retailer Increase Annual Revenue by 30%

Success Stories
Case Study

Intelliswift Reduces Pharma Client's Claims Processing Time by 89% with Robotic Process Automation

Download our datasheet to learn more about the intricacies
of RPA and its transformative capabilities

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