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Intelliswift’s Client Managed Services

The speed of the Covid-19 pandemic's impact on the world was astounding. Yet, enterprise decision-makers were quick enough to take transformational actions to survive this unprecedented crisis. However, this overnight transformation brought a slew of challenges, risks, and difficulties for recruitment teams, including a lack of expertise in remote hiring, rogue candidates, lower fill ratios, higher attrition, etc. To address these challenges, talent solutions for virtual organizations require a transformational approach encompassing policies, processes, and technologies.

Intelliswift has been leading the way in creating and improving talent acquisition solutions for virtual organizations. Our decades of experience have allowed us to learn and adapt quickly to meet clients' needs and stay current with the changing landscape of talent acquisition.

We have identified the core challenges our clients and the market face regarding remote hiring and have effectively worked to mitigate the risks involved. Through a combination of cutting-edge technology and expert human skills, we have successfully scaled our ability, resulting in significantly higher fill ratios for our clients.

Download the datasheet to explore how Intelliswift helps with the right talent mapping, effective nurturing and onboarding, and technology integration to ensure that the enterprise only gets the best talent.

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