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Enterprises across the globe are already experiencing the need for cloud adoption. According to Gartner, the worldwide public cloud services market is forecasted to grow from $227.8 billion in 2019 to $354.6 billion in 2022.

At Intelliswift, we are committed to make enterprises holistically digital, by integrating cloud as the foundation of their business to discover new opportunities, unlock new revenue potential, develop actionable insights, and create enriched customer experiences.

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Our Offerings

Cloud Advisory Services

By defining your organization's cloud strategy, we maximize the value of your cloud investments leveraging the iCAN framework that includes:

  • Understanding the need for technology enablement to meet your desired business goals
  • Evaluating cloud readiness & maturity across people, process and technology
  • Researching available and identifying most suitable cloud adoption choice and path to meet the desired goal
  • Defining cloud adoption roadmap with specified timelines and milestones
  • Designing a set of customized repeatable templates, methods, and tools to continuously optimize your cloud usage across applications, platforms, operations, and processes thus reducing costs

Our cloud-agnostic Advisory Services help enterprises analyze the cloud readiness of IT application portfolio and empowers them to make informed cloud strategy decisions. We provide empirical data to support cloud strategy investments, migration roadmap for cloud deployments, and recommendations on cloud adoption at business units and organizational levels. It also helps to optimize your cloud environment while reducing cloud waste.

Cloud Migration & Transformation

We accelerate your cloud migration by ensuring security and compliance via:

  • Cloud Infrastructure Build & Migration
  • Application Migration & Rationalization
  • Cloud Data Migration
  • Cloud Server Management

Digital transformation means more than just migrating on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. Our Cloud Migration and Transformation service accelerates your cloud journey with industry-leading best practices and best cloud adoption strategies. We have helped large enterprises in cloud migration with reduced migration errors and minimal risks in the most secured way.

Cloud Managed Services

Our well-resourced managed cloud services team ensures seamless support as an extended internal team. They are experts at:

  • Infrastructure & Configuration Management
  • Application and Resource Management
  • DevOps, CI/CD, SRE
  • Cloud Operations and Audit
  • Cloud Optimization (Cost, Operation, Application, Process)

We take complete responsibility for your cloud operations, and our comprehensive Cloud Managed Services provide you a range of benefits including robust infrastructure, centralized management of applications, timely updates, 24*7 maintenance, and quick response time. Our cloud management helps organizations ensure the best optimal use of cloud computing-based resources and interact with users and other services as per specific business requirements. We have defined the right set of key monitoring metrics that provides insights on operations and performance, which would help perform periodic audits and recommend optimal solutions for end-to-end cloud and infrastructure utilization. We help organizations to meet their desired outcomes of cloud adoption by constantly optimizing the processes, cloudizing the applications, improving operations, and reducing costs.

Cloud Product Engineering

We create value-adding products that make your organization more agile & compliant and adept to future needs. We have a fully equipped tech ecosystem around:

  • Product Engineering
  • Data Engineering, Science, Analytics, BI
  • Cloud Virtualization
  • Cloud & Cybersecurity, IAM
  • Mobile Engineering / App Development

We ensure that your applications and workloads are cloud-native or cloud-ready (post-migration) for faster deployment, better agility, and improved performance. Our cloud-first strategy enables organizations to leverage the benefits of the cloud, which include serverless computing, pay-per-service usage, availability, scalability, enriched user experience, and rapid application development. With cloud, organizations can perform advanced data engineering services using historic as well as real-time data. We will help you derive business value through predictive and contextual based machine learning prediction and classification.

Key Outcomes at A Glance

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Improved agility, flexibility, and scalability by over 50%

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Achieve up to 45% reduction in operational costs

Key Outcomes image

Gain over 20% in employee productivity due to enhanced accessibility

Key Outcomes image

Faster time to market

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Enhance disaster recovery capabilities by 38%

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On an average, we have realized 15% reduction of infrastructure costs & about 16.78% in IT maintenance costs, in our various engagements till date

Why Intelliswift?

Intelliswift, with its deep knowledge in enterprise architecture & integration and expertise across multiple hyperscale Content Security Policies (CSPs), will assist you in all phases of your cloud journey. During the discovery and assessment phase, we do unbiased vendor assessment by understanding your customized business requirements. With our in-depth expertise in building more than 50+ cloud applications cross-industries, we would love to partner with you and become your trusted advisor for your cloud-based digital transformation journey.

We have built our own proprietary framework – iCAN, Intelliswift’s Cloud Adoption Navigator, that consists of a set of methodologies, models, and tools to help you navigate to your desired state most efficiently and cost-effectivelyin the most efficient and cost-effective manner. This cloud-based infrastructure agnostic framework allows you to envision the most desired path for your cloud journey paving the way for a successful digital transformation. iCAN, leveraging best-in-class tools & methodologies, helps to optimize your applications, platform, processes, operations, and costs while reducing cloud waste.

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Our experts are ready to help you reduce cost and minimize risk while innovating at speed with cloud.

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